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Fox School Faculty
Our faculty is comprised of individuals who are recognized as some of the most esteemed thought-leaders in their industries.

Dwight Carey


Dwight Carey

Dwight Carey

Title: Assistant Professor (Practicum), Senior Fellow, IEI, and Dean's Teaching Fellow
Department: Strategic Management

Office: Alter Hall 504B
Phone: 215.680.2904
E-mail: dcarey@temple.edu

Dwight Carey started his first business immediately after receiving his undergraduate degree. During the last fifty years he has started an additional sixteen more companies both in the United States and abroad. Those companies are in service, engineering, robotics and support systems and factory automation industries. One of these companies, American Productivity Group, LLC, of which Prof. Carey is Managing Member and President, is a joint venture with Samsung Electronics Corp. In addition to running companies he sits on boards of domestic and international organizations and is an active member of the Committee for Monetary Research and Education and the vonMises Institute at Auburn University. His graduate studies have been both at the Harvard Business School’s case studies courses and as a member of the James Madison program at Princeton University.

He has been awarded the Congressional Business Man of the Year for 2003-04-05 and 06, the 2005 winner of the Ronald Reagan Gold Member for Outstanding Business Leadership, the winner of the Congressional Order of Merit, twice awarded the medal for Business Leadership and awarded Technology Partner Award by Specialty Publishing for co-developing a new robotics control system. His writings and interviews appear regularly in trade publications, book chapters/reviews and the popular media.

At Temple University, since 2006, Prof. Carey teaches at Fox School of Business, both undergraduat, and MBA courses and the Engineering School.  He sits on different committees for “W” Writing Intensive courses, course development and entrepreneurial mentoring. He is creator and producer of the TUTV series “High Flying Owls”. He was awarded an Assistant Professorship, a Senior Fellowship, IEI, and a Dean’s Teaching Fellows and two Crystal Apples for service to the University. In addition, he was awarded the Christian R. and Mary F. Lindback Foundation Award for Distinguished Teaching. His students have won over 40+ Grand Prizes, First, Second and/or Finalist positions in national and international collegiate competitions.  One of his students won her own reality TV show on MTV. Currently he is doing research for his book on very successful Temple alumni.